Getting Ready – 2 Weeks to Go

I’ve been a little distracted of late…college basketball has been clouding the mind (Go Blue!) and working out of town weekdays for most of 2019 hasn’t helped either. But, got it together this weekend to do some serious trail prep! I’ll give a glimpse into what that was like, but first need to introduce some of the team that’s been helping me get ready.

From the very beginning, when I unveiled my idea to thru-hike the PCT, Dave H “Master Trailsman” and “Switchback” Sheryl have been all in! They haven’t just supported me in my goal, but have been helping plan and research about all aspects of what it takes to do a thru-hike. From scrolling through articles online and watching countless YouTube videos to taking out books from the library (and actually reading through them!), they are seriously more knowledgeable than I am about all of this.

Dave H is also planning to begin the trek with me and hike the first 10 days of the journey! I am truly pumped about this. Those of you who are familiar with my father will not be surprised that he has taken on the task of planning and acquiring the food for our trip together. Being a gourmet outdoorsman chef is just one of his many talents. That was one of the main tasks for today…figuring out food!

Did some gear assembling/packing too!


We also tested out our tents/sleeping pads/sleeping bags by setting up in the yard Friday evening! It got down to a brisk 20 degrees at the Hoekwater ranch, which we thought was a good test for the lower temps. that I might experience along the trail. My new Sea to Summit Talus II 14 Degree bag worked pretty good. I was chilly at times, but managed to get good sleep. Dave H was not so impressed with his bag and will be looking for something warmer than his 20 Degree bag.


On top of all that, my family planned a spectacular send off party on Saturday. It was great to see friends and family before heading off on this adventure!!!

Less than two weeks now until flying out (Friday, April 5 departure) to San Diego, California…so it’s coming up quick!

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