Day 23 (April 30): Mile 266.1

Zero Day in Big Bear

I’m going to try and keep this post short since I wasn’t on the trail. Brian and I woke up early and he made coffee! It was great. Ally came down a bit later. While perusing on our phones and such, we enjoyed some blueberry strudel stuff I’d gotten.

Ally was getting back on trail today and Brian had a motel booked, so both were headed back to town. I was going to join and do my laundry and pick up a few more items. Our plan had been to do an Uber or Lift, but no cars were around in the am. Eventually, we figured out that there is a bus system that would take us right where we wanted to go. So we walked to the bus stop, got on, and went to town. I paid $4 for a daily pass.

Once there, we parted ways. Unfortunately, another hat misplacement! I had Brian’s San Francisco Giants hat (he’s a big fan and follows the games our here when he can – I helped route on the team to a victory over rival Dodgers last night). I did my laundry, got my items, then took the bus to his motel. Tracked him down, gave him his hat. Then, went to get a sub from Jersey Mike’s before I headed back to the cabin. Saw lots of other hikers I knew around town and on the bus.

Once back at the cabin, I was able to clean up everything in my pack and get organized. I also resized the belt (I’m too small!). Did some cleaning up of the cabin, got my food figured out (I’m in for a heavy haul tomorrow), and in general prepared to get on trail again tomorrow morning. I also called home and talked to the Master Trailsman about shipping a resupply package coming up, among other things.

There’s always lots to do on the zero days it seems. I’ll be so dang ready to do some hiking tomorrow! I ended my evening watching a DVD they had at the cabin, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

(I don’t expect to upload any posts until I get to the next town, which should be Tuesday-ish)

3 thoughts on “Day 23 (April 30): Mile 266.1

    1. Jim Nydam

      Thanks Abe, after watching Homemade Wanderlust on YouTube for the last three years we are ready to step into the trail angel role. Although someday I hope to receive some trail angel magic on the trail.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes and well you should. Myself and my wife Julia are tentatively planning on joining for a week in August. I’m super excited. I have become fully engaged with Steve’s trip as well as many others. It’s such a cool experience!


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