Day 82 (July 11): Mile 1,409.8 – 1,434.6

Feeling The Burn

Beginning Elevation = 3,300
Ending Elevation = 5,350
Weather: Sunny, low 80’s

My clever title has a twofold meaning…let me explain. No, I did not run into Bernie Sanders campaigning out here on the PCT. That would’ve been neat. I did get to visit Burney Falls though, which was spectacular, hence I was feeling it in a joyful emotional sort of way and I shortened Burney to Burn. See what I’m saying? I also pushed myself to what I believe is my longest day yet at 24.8 miles. And as a result I was feeling the burn as in muscle burn, pain, or ache, particularly in my left hamstring. So you can see, all around, an appropriately named post.

I’m just going to be honest and say I don’t really feel like writing about it all today, so I’m not going to. Other than the falls, some nice pine forests, and a beautiful camp spot with a great view of Mount Shasta, the rest of the time was spent just pounding out the miles.

I did finish my audiobook, The Maze Runner. Spoiler alert! You’ll never guess it, but getting out of the maze wasn’t the end for Thomas and his friends…it was just the beginning. Dun dun dun. So, might have to get the second book downloaded. Until then, I have finally been granted access to the Harry Potter and the DH’s audiobook from the library. Only took me about a month or two, but I am excited to find out what will happen to the wizarding world after all that went down in Book 6.

Ok here’s some photos of today’s hike…

I hiked about 9 miles to the falls, had some breakfast at a nice bench there, brushed my teeth, than completed the one mile side trail loop before getting back on the PCT.

Below is Lake Britton…didn’t see it clearly much except for when crossing the dam.

Some moss or lichen growing on the trees…

And a beauty of a camp site, shared along with Blueberry, Gaper, and Cheeks.

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