Day 85 (July 14): Mile 1,490.2 – 1,501.2

Delightful Dunsmuir

Beginning Elevation = 4,600
Ending Elevation = 2,100 (on PCT)
Weather:. Sunny, low-mid 80’s

A beautiful morning! I slept in a little. Til 6:15am, woo hoo. I guess my body knew it was town day and only had 10 miles to go to get there.

Here’s one more shot of Shasta. I hope the same shot of the mountain isn’t getting old because looking at it sure isn’t.

First, the trail traversed along a ridge for a while, every now and then having the trees spread apart enough for views like the ones above or of this new feature, which I think is Castle Crags…

After a bit, I began my downhill to I-5, which involves winding long switchbacks through all those trees you see in the pictures above. Eventually, I popped out on Soda Creek Road. There was a short road walk, then I reached the on/off ramps for the interstate.

After maybe ten minutes waiting, a guy pulled up who’d just dropped some hikers off back to the trail. He said he could take me to town for a few bucks, so I happily accepted his offer. It didn’t appear that there would’ve been much traffic there.

I got dropped off at the Dunsmuir Supermarket, which is a tiny little store. Didn’t go inside just then, but rather walked down a block to the bed and breakfast place that I’d reserved a room with through Airbnb. A bit of a splurge and I wasn’t super excited about paying as much as I did, but I think both mentally and physically I needed a nice recharge!

And I did just that. Did all the usual town things and even splurged again by visiting Dunsmuir Brew Works. The burger, potato salad, and beers were very tasty. It was very nice having everything in walking distance! My hosts kindly said they could take me back to the trail tomorrow morning, so before going to sleep I made sure I had everything set to go. Dunsmuir was a great stop in my journey, just what I needed to get me going again.

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