Day 92 (July 21): Mile 1,623.7 – 1,649.5

The Long Way Down

Beginning Elevation = 5,700
Ending Elevation =1,700
Elevation Range = 1,700 – 6,900
Weather: Sunny, low 80’s

Another successful day on the good ole Pacific Crest Trail. Today, was a long day and left me feeling exhausted by the time I reached camp. The morning was spent climbing, but with some very pretty views. I truly enjoyed all the exposed rock outcrops as well as the areas where the treeless meadowy areas went all the way up high to the peaks. The earlier part of the day was most definitely my fav.

Around 11:00am or so, the trail had reached it’s high point for the day and then began a long path down which will eventually lead me to the small town of Seiad Valley tomorrow. This was a struggle of a stretch for me. It started out with a pretty gradual decent, which was great, but after a while it entered into some switchbacks and then a long traverse next to Grider creek. It wouldn’t have been all that bad except it was quite overgrown in many places and at just a sideways angle to wreak some real havoc on the feet. Apparently, the forest service recently cut out a bunch of fallen trees though, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Other hikers had it worse before me!

I did see another black bear along the way. He/she was actually brown colored, but I’m told these black bears can be all different colors.

I made it to my goal for the day allowing me a decent distance away from town tomorrow. After set up, dinner eaten, and my food bag hung, I went to wash my legs and feet which was heavenly!

Quite the breakfast spot (below)…

Lots of berries today! Edible or poison death berries? I didn’t eat any, but there were about three different kinds that looked like blackberries and raspberries to me.

Not the greatest video, but here’s Gentle Ben the bear, searching for grubs I assume….

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