Day 101 (July 30): Mile 1,805.8 – 1,834ish

Crater Lake National Park

Beginning Elevation = 6,200
Ending Elevation = 7,250 (off PCT)
Elevation Range = 6,000-7,650 (off PCT)
Weather: Sunny, high 70’s

For my Day 100 post I had hoped to do a repeat of what I did on Day 50, which was an “all photos” post. I think when I did it then my plan was to do 50 photos, but didn’t quite achieve that goal. Anyway, I forgot to give it a go yesterday, so I figured I’d do it for today’s! My one hundred and first day on trail was one of my favorites, getting to visit Crater Lake National Park! I probably did take over 100 photos, but don’t worry folks, I’m not going to take the time to upload that silly amount. I’ve sifted through for some of my favs, only 40, what I believe is a non-silly amount. Enjoy…

“Lead Me, Guide Me”“Pink Hazy Blue”“The Circle of Life”“Needleflake”“Shining Like a Red Rubber Ball”“Burnt to a Crisp”Bare”Through the GateBig Tree Fall Hard”“The Green Tunnel”“Moss FlossTall Tall Trees“Mazama Village Hiker Takeover“Gifts from Afar”“Support From The Home Team!“Mosquito Attack Through Dirty Lense”“First ViewCool Runnings“Blue As Blue Can Be”“A Long Way Down”Wizard Island“Rim Trail”“Honey Badger Don’t Care”“Oregon Green Across the Way“That Grand Canyon Feeling”“Road Walking”“We’re Goin’ Up Around the Bend”“Fix You Coldplay Trek Pole Drum Solo”Let the Sunset Photos Begin“CheesinWhen The Lights Go DownSnickers and Scott From OregonJust Keep Walking”“B e a utiful”“Wide Open Spaces”“The Wanderer”
“Crater Deer”

“Near the Gone”

“Past the Gone”

“And Away from the Road We Go”

4 thoughts on “Day 101 (July 30): Mile 1,805.8 – 1,834ish

  1. Scott Prins

    I have been stupid busy and stressed out lately and have not made the time to keep up with your posts. This is a mistake; reading these does wonders for my state of mind – thank you Steve! Keep on trekking!

    Liked by 1 person

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