Day 130 (August 29): Mile 2,393.6

The Council at Summit Inn Pancake House

I slept in to a woping 6:30am! And then took an amazing hot shower! I did some hanging and then around 7:30am joined our host Derick aka Double D (past PCT hiker) and Cheer and TW and Hawaii in making breakfast. Well, I didn’t really make anything I suppose. My tasks were setting condiments out and getting us caught up on washing the dishes. Around 8:00am, we had our breakfast of pancakes and hard boiled eggs and a blueberry sauce that Hawaii concocted.

After cleaning up, we’d heard from Calzone that she was feeling better and had made it into town. We met her at the Summit Inn Pancake House for a second breakfast. I wasn’t feeling super hungry, but still felt a craving for a cinnamon roll and some chocolate milk.

At our restaurant breakfast, we had a gathering of Calzone, Cheer, TW, myself, and Snickers! Snickers had gotten in two days ago and spent a full day seeing some family of his in the area. After catching up and telling stories, the talk switched to planning and our schemes for completing the trail. After a half hour or so nothing had really been decided, the pop song covers playing overhead maybe were distracting us. Or it’s just we’re a very indecisive group.

Snickers and TW had said they planned to hike out today, but myself and C and C struggled to make a decision. Eventually, Cheer made a call to do a zero and we followed whole heartedly and all agreed that’s what we wanted to do.

We also chatted about our plans for once reaching the border. Essentially, we split three ways. Snickers told us he planned to flip down to Bishop, CA and begin hiking north, TW planned to finish his hike after reaching Canada, and myself, Cheer, and Calzone planned to flip down to northern California and go south. Thus, there will be a sad parting of the ways at some point. Hopefully we’ll still get some good time hiking together before then though!

Post breakfast, Snickers left to start hiking again. He’s motivated, that guy. A hiking machine! The rest of us split in town to take care of various tasks. For me, it was resupply. I visited the Chevron gas station and another small convenience store in town to piece together enough food for the next stretch. Pretty slim pickings. I was happy to have had lots of leftover food from the last stretch!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing around the hostel and visiting the town again in the evening. I checked out the Dru Bru taproom and since they didn’t have food available, I got some pizza across the road at Pie for the People. Pretty good stuff. Chatted with Hanni who’s section hiking Washington. She lives on the Olympic peninsula.

I heard they recently added more hops (that was for you Abram 😉) .

On my way back to the hostel I received a text from TW who had hiked out a few hours before. The text said he wasn’t feeling good though and was making his way back to the hostel. He didn’t make it back for a while since he’d hiked maybe 5 miles already, but when he did get back he was in rough shape. We believe food poisoning might be the culprit, possibly from the tofu curry since another hiker had it too earlier in the day and wasn’t feeling good either. Hoping a good sleep helps!

Later on, I got to sit in on/join in on a musical gathering of voices and a guitar and a cello! We made a good try at singing songs like “Wonderwall,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” and “Hey Jude,” which was good fun, but in the end it turned into a cello concert from our other host at the Alpine club. He was super talented and played us some Bach! Beautiful stuff. That’s how the evening ended for us.

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