Day 150 (Sept. 17): Mile 1,312 – 1,286.9

The Sprint to Shoeless Caribou Crossroads

Beginning Elevation = 6,650
Ending Elevation = 2,250
Elevation Range = 2,250 – 7,150
Weather:. Sunny and clear, cold frosty morning

It’s pretty hard for me to comprehend that I’ve been doing this for 150 days (actually more like 160 when trail vacation days are included)! Keeping with tradition, here’s an all photos post…

“Golden Awakenings”

“Climbing in the Shadow”

“See Ya Lassen”

“Zoomed In”

“The Fall Bloom”

“Sun Shining Through”

“Frosty Meadow”

“Frosty Tunnel”

“That Long Dewey Grass”

“Shine Bright Like a Diamond

“Crooked Fence”

“Breakfast on the Rock in the Sun”


“Dem Tall Trees”

“More of Dem Tall Trees”

“Mossy Tall Trees”

“Nuclear Broccoli”


“Boulder with a View”

“Deer Camp Bound”

“Welcome to the Sierra”

“The Long and Winding Road”


Pizza! Pizza!”

“Don’t Go Chasing”

Large Green Sappy Pine Cone

“Build Bridges Not Walls

“Things are Looking Up”


“Dirty Fingers Holding Acorn”

“Lizards are the New Chipmunks”

“Cruising Down the Great Valley”

“Burnt Spires”


“The Mighty River Feather

“El Bridge de Mahogany

So Steampunk

Road Walkin”

“Sweaty Back Pack Rash”

Today’s Music/Podcasts:

Shawn McDonald – Live in Seattle
The Rocket Summer – Of Men and Angels

How I Built This with Guy Raz – Patagonia

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